Billy and the Birdfrogs by B.B. Wurge

Billy and Birdfrogs is one of the best books that we have read this year. The story is intelligent, well composed, with a strong narrative, likable characters, and just enough scariness and tension to make it hard to put down.

The story begins with Billy's grandmother welding the door to the basement shut. She then begins closing off all of the accesses to the house until she and Billy are locked off from the world. Why? Because something... or some things are coming out of the bottomless hole that sits in Billy's basement.

To a large extent it's the hole that is the center of the drama. It was the hole, after all, where the fantastic dinosaur finds were made. And it was in the hole where Billy's mother had her accident.

Without saying more and ruining the "Birdfrog" experience, I will say that my daughter (8) was absolutely riveted by this story. She's an active child and sometimes it's hard to get her to sit still, but she dropped her toys and sat on the edge of the couch while my husband read chapter after chapter to her. (Note to self, see what other books B.B. Wurge has written!)

Besides the mystery and some tense moments, there is some goofy humor that ought to appeal to kids. Billy's grandmother, for example, makes spagetti sauce with tennis balls in it. (Don't ask, you'll just have to find out for yourself.)

Highly recommend this one.

Talking Points:::
Since this is a new book there aren't any Accelerated Reading (ATOS) numbers for it yet. My guess is that 4th Graders could read it themselves.

Interest Level: The target audience for Billy and Birdfrogs is probably Tweeners and young teens; although my daughter (8), husband and I certainly enjoyed it.

It might be appropriate for children as young as 6 as long as they aren't bothered by dramatic events.

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  • Accelerated Reading level : none found
  • Paperback: 178 pages
  • Publisher: Leapfrog Press (October 1, 2008)
  • ISBN-10: 0981514820
  • Talk-a-Peek

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priscilla said...

sounds like a book my granddaughter Sabine would enjoy.
Thanks for the offer.

pris stiil canoodling after all these years.